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Hello and welcome to website for the electronic music collective, Je M’en Fish. You’re in the right place, but what used to be here is no longer available. But don’t worry, if you’re interested in electronica, please feel free to browse the alternatives we have here in the section below if you’d like - you might find something interesting.


Radio Studio One

Radio Studio One lets you stream all kinds of electronic music from a variety of sub-genres and DJs. Find out more about where to get your music, which platforms to use, and more.


Belgium-based educational institute STUK helps create the artists of tomorrow by connecting art with education, science, and the youth, where you can find courses and workshops for audiovisual production, music, and dance.

Logos Foundation

Founded by industry veterans Godfried-Willem Raes and Moniek Darge, the Flanders-based Logos Foundation is focused on alternative and experimental music production. Logos is also home to the Robot Orchestra, the largest, fully-automated acoustic orchestra in the world.

Music News

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Bowie and electronic music: mutual pollination

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Fuzz Magazine’s Sander Bral writes about the life and work of David Bowie and his relationship with electronic music.

Special Feature

Paradise City – Mixing ‘Green’ With Good Music

For the second time, the ecological music festival offers great music, food, and entertainment while minimizing their carbon footprint and the impact on the environment.

In 2015 the people of Perk, Belgium witnessed the first-ever Paradise City on the fields of Ribaucourt, just 15 minutes away from Brussels. The event was held on the site of the Castle of Ribaucourt, which is still inhabited by Count Paul de Lannoy and his family. The place itself is a marvel of nature, with lush environments and a majestic natural lake that really complements the beauty of the edifice.

The Count has confessed that he usually receives a lot of requests to lend his estate as a venue for events – requests that are promptly denied. But in the case of Paradise City, he says it was an offer that he just couldn’t refuse. For starters, it was very well-conceived, especially with regard to the environmentally-friendly aspect. It is very important to the Count that the organizers create a cozy atmosphere where people could get together and have a good time in an orderly manner. To that end, the coordinators worked to create a family-friendly event where everyone could have fun, while the more enthusiastic attendants could even camp out for the night using the event’s special sustainable tents.

‘Green’ Entertainment

As you may have noted, this event is all about having fun, but in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. To achieve this, the organizers went beyond the call of duty to ensure that the festival leaves the smallest carbon footprint possible, with solutions such as:

  • Transport. Paradise City offers several discounts and services depending on the type of transport you use to attend to the festival.
    • Bicycles: For the people who want to bike to the event, they will have access to a bike-servicing station, where they may repair and get their bikes in shape for the ride home, free of charge.
    • Vehicles: This is the least recommended transport method, due to the CO2 emissions. However, Paradise City offers a discount on your parking fee if you share a ride with several of your friends. For those that want to Uber to the festival, Paradise City will pay your fare if you share the ride with two or more friends through the Uber App.
    • Train: For those taking the train to the festival, you can catch the Antwerp, Brussels North, Brussels South, or Brussels Central trains to the Vilvoorde Station, which is only a few minutes’ walk away from the festival grounds.
  • Camping. For those wanting to spend the night partying with good music and food, Paradise City offers a cozy campsite just a few hundred meters from the Castle. You don’t have to bring your tent, as the event provides KarTents for those who spend the night. KarTents are environment-friendly tents-for-two made out of sturdy cardboard. After the event, these tents will be recycled and transformed into other products, effectively reducing waste from the people who decide to leave their tents behind (it’s more common than you think). Additionally, those who choose to spend the night are entitled to a delicious organic breakfast by Le Pain Quotidien, which consists of a Croiffin (bio croissant-muffin), the renowned “parfait granola” with bio-yogurt and fruits, a "flûte" with nuts, and a delicious bio coffee or tea. The camping ticket upgrade, which entitles you to receive everything mentioned above is only €35 on top of the original ticket fare. Availability is limited (tents are finite!), so hurry up and get your ticket now!
  • Energy. Most of the energy consumption of the festival will come from renewable sources of energy, which will minimize the environmental impact of the lighting and audio systems.
  • ‘Future’ Food. Most of the dishes are so-called “future foods”. They consist of mostly vegetarian plates, using organically-grown vegetables from local farmers. There will also be dishes for carnivores, but in less amounts, because of the carbon footprint that the preparation of meat dishes usually generates.
  • Filtered Tap Water. Selling bottled water in big events is a very lucrative business for organizers. Paradise City is using the less lucrative but more environmentally-friendly solution of providing filtered tap water for all attendees.
  • Less Paper. Using flyers and other paper-based solutions to advertise any given event is mandatory if you want to spread the word around a city. Paradise City is also guilty of this, but in order to reduce the carbon footprint, they only use FSC paper, and each flyer also contains a bag of seeds, which interested individuals can take home and plant in their garden.

These are just a few of the “green” solutions that Paradise City organizers are using to reduce their carbon footprint. It’s clear that the people of Paradise City are completely invested in providing the most entertaining experience for their visitors, in the eco-friendliest manner possible. What’s more, the lineup of artists in this year’s event is also very promising, with talents such as Kiasmos, Stephan Bodzin, DJ Tennis, Agoria, Black Coffee, Mano Le Tough, Michael Mayer, and many others.

With this repertoire of artists and all the measures in place to reduce the carbon footprint, this year’s Paradise City is looking like a very promising event.

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About the Author: Juan López is a freelance writer living in Venezuela. He offers writing services to all interested parties. You may contact him through his personal email

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